Get expert advice from an AMAZON INSIDER who can get you reinstated from your Account Suspension.

Don’t throw money away hiring “consultants” with no more connection to Amazon teams than you have. We understand what Amazon looks for when reinstating sellers because we spent years working there, on the very teams that suspended you. Now, we use our internal knowledge to reinstate seller accounts like yours.  Get selling again, FAST!


Turn that Amazon Seller Account Suspension into an Amazon Account Reinstatement today!

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Expert Amazon Account Advice from Former Amazonians

We know Amazon from the inside out. Get expert advice from former Amazonians for Account Reinstatement, ASIN Reinstatement, Appeal Escalation, Infringements, Account Assessment and Protection


Account Reinstatement

If Amazon suspends your account, the best thing you can do is stay calm and use a proven method to write your appeal. Doing it right the first time means you’ll be reinstated faster, and you can get back to business.

ASIN Reinstatement

Blocked listings can eat into your profits, and they’re often a sign of an impending suspension. Don’t let them pile up. Take action and respond the way Amazon wants you to.

Appeal Escalation

Have you submitted a viable Plan of Action, but keep getting the same responses from Amazon? You may need to escalate. Escalation is your last shot, so it’s vital that this is handled by an expert.


Valid or not, if you’ve received a notice claim of infringement, you need to take action. Handling the Amazon side is just as important as handling the legal side.

Account Assessment

Where do you need to improve to remain the kind of seller Amazon wants? We’ll take a deep dive into your account, and give you a detailed plan of what you need to do (and what to stop doing).

Account Protection

Is your account suspension proof? How about hijacker and complaint proof? More sellers means more anti-competitive behavior. We’ll show you how to protect your account (and brand) from bad actors.

Why we are different

EXPERIENCE: It seems like there’s a new self-proclaimed Amazon expert every day. We’ve been consulting to Amazon seller’s since 2014.

QUALIFICATIONS: Our team has over 14 years of experience working inside Amazon. We know what Amazon wants from sellers because we used to assess sellers for Amazon. We know how their teams work because we worked on those teams. We know their processes. We know what to do to get the best response.

RESULTS: Sellers often come to us after working with another service provider who wrote them 1 unsuccessful appeal then stopped returning their calls. We don’t stop working until we get you results.


“The day I got the suspension notice from Amazon I connected with Chris and he responded within the same day and offered a step by step plan on what I needed to do.”

“After thinking we’d never get our account back online, we contacted Chris, he reached out to the right people, and on his first attempt our account was reinstated. Money very well spent!”

“No matter what your level of seller, I guarantee you Chris has a more intimate knowledge of this process than anyone else in the industry, and he gets results plain and simple. ”

“Chris and his team put together a response within the day and more importantly, got the right people to read it. This made all the difference as our account was reinstated in short order. Amazon even apologized!”

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