Account Health Review

We offer custom account review services that go far beyond routine checklists or running basic reports that most sellers can run themselves.

We assess each account for risk from a performance and policy standpoint, integrate our knowledge of recent investigative trends, and analyze what we find to recommend improvements.

Notification Analysis

Discuss with client importance of identifying most important notifications and responding to notifications.

Assess Customer Messaging

Review feedback/ review request messaging as applicable.

Going beyond metrics

Check all metrics/ identify causes for all misses

Evaluate Account Standing

Examine past correspondence with performance and policy teams for the quality of content/ success rate

Identify Threats

Examine Performance notifications for any threats to account health

Identify Problem ASINS

Identify feedback or listing content driving Returns, Complaints or other negative attention and warnings.

Book your custom account review.

We customize seller account reviews according to concerns and specifications expressed by each client.

NOTE: The account review is for active accounts only. If you are looking for help with Blocked Listings or an Account Suspension please book those services.

Client must inform us immediately if the status of their account changes. While we work with all clients to address their needs with the services provided, once we begin work on a project (such as our consults begin or we begin our review of your file), there are no refunds.   If you pay with credit card we will charge you before we start our work and no refunds or chargebacks will be permitted once we begin our work on your project.