Amazon Appeal Review

Why take a chance?

Make sure you have the best chance at reinstatement, whether you wrote your appeal, or someone you hired did.

Send me your Amazon POA, then I will provide feedback.

For several years, Chris evaluated account appeals for thousands of suspended sellers. Chris uses the expertise gained from reading POA’s at Amazon to consult to sellers seeking reinstatement. An important part of this is making sure the strongest possible Plan of Action is presented, prior to requesting reinstatement.

As an Amazonian, Chris tackled internal Bezos escalations for emails: those emails sellers sent directly to Jeff. After reviewing these for many years, Chris understands the “how” and “what” to make them successful, and he knows the common seller pitfalls. Remember, you’re not simply begging Jeff for help: you are writing to make a strong case for a new review.

Rather than writing a new POA or escalation for you, I deliver a full assessment in 30 minutes.

Do you have an escalation letter to worry about too? I understand this process better than anyone.

This is your opportunity to pick my brain about the quality of your soon- to- submit appeal.