Stop wasting time and money guessing what Amazon wants you to do.


How to find the information you need to respond to policy warnings, blocked listings, and suspension.
The right way to format your appeal so Amazon actually reads it.

You need help with your Amazon Appeal. We’re going to show you:

The difference between a root cause and an excuse.
What to put in your Plan of Action to get the best response from Amazon.
“In under 4 days we received notification congratulating us that our account had been reinstated.”
“The truth is there are many options today to appeal reinstatement but going with Chris means you won’t waste any time on trial and error. And remember every day down cost most of us hundreds if not thousands of dollars in lost sales.”


Do you wish you knew an Amazon insider to help with your Amazon appeal?

Former Amazonian Chris McCabe used to work on Amazon’s performance and policy teams, and Bezos escalations.

Now he uses that internal knowledge and experience to help sellers think like Amazon.

A Look Inside The Course

The 4 Steps to a successful appeal.

Check Yourself

Additional Lessons:

  • Identifying Buyer Complaint Causes

Plan of Action

Additional Lessons:

  • Plan of Action Vs. Reaction

Now What?

Additional Lessons:

  • Troubleshooting Requests for More Information
  • When Should You Escalate

Root Causes

Additional Lessons:

  • Root Causes Vs. Excuses
  • What do I do if I can’t identify root causes?

Putting It All Together

Additional Lessons:

  • The Amazon Appeal Template
  • How To Compose Your Introduction and Conclusion
  • Editing and Proofing

With the Seller Help Thyself Workbook  you’ll get access to:

  • The Check Yourself Checklist
  • The Check Yourself Worksheet
  • The Root Causes Worksheet
  • The Plan of Action Worksheet
  • The Putting It All Together Checklist

 Your investment in your Amazon business

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Is this better than calling Seller Support?
Yes! Seller Help doesn’t know policy and are known for giving conflicting information. In fact, we’ve seen sellers get suspended for following Seller Help advice. Amazon doesn’t care that you were following their directions. The responsibility is on you to know and understand policy. Amazon’s policy teams don’t offer phone support. You need to be ready to spend some time reading and writing emails. We’ll show you the right way to write to Amazon’s teams to get the response you want.
Will this get my account back from an Intellectual Property infringement suspension?
Your Amazon appeal is an important part of the process, yes. We also recommend speaking with an lawyer who specializes in IP in order to have the claim retracted or prove that it is false. We have a lawyer we work with that has a proven track record that we recommend to our members. Choosing the right lawyer for these cases can be the difference between a retraction and the end of selling those items.
If I buy this course would I still need to hire Chris to re-instate my account?
This takes you through the exact strategy Chris uses to write his client’s Amazon appeals. Some people prefer more guidance and upgrade to VIP which includes a consultation call and review of your POA. But most purchase only the course to handle their reinstatement.
Can I use this course to write a Jeff B escalation?
The principles of writing an appeal are the same for writing to Jeff. However, it’s important to note that writing to Jeff is your last chance at reinstatement. If you’re at that stage, we recommend hiring an expert. Contact Chris