Review Abuse and listing hijacking defense

Covering a 6 week period from service initiation, we will provide reports of marketplace abuse committed by competitors using black hat tactics on listings or product reviews.

We specialise in researching and shaping responses to listing hijacks, positive review inflation by competition, negative reviews and review upvoting, and general account defense against attack by bad faith competitors.

Research review complaints

and reduce damage and fallout from unmitigated abuse.

Expert level presentation

of review abuse to Amazon policy teams so they take action.

Have us write your abuse report so Amazon takes action.

We’ll also show you the right people to submit it to.

Client must inform us immediately if the status of their account changes. While we work with all clients to address their needs with the services provided, once we begin work on a project (such as our consults begin or we begin our review of your file), there are no refunds.   If you pay with credit card we will charge you before we start our work and no refunds or chargebacks will be permitted once we begin our work on your project.