Dealing with Amazon’s teams can be a nightmare if you don’t know what you’re doing. Their teams will spin you in circles unless you know the formula for getting a real response. Meanwhile, an Amazon account suspension, blocked listings, or black hat competitors are destroying your business.

As former Amazonians, who used to work in Amazon Seller Performance and Executive Seller Relations, we’re experts in communicating with Amazon, and we know how their teams operate.

Stop wasting time and money trying to guess what Amazon wants you to do. Get expert help.

Account Reinstatement

Doing it right the first time means you’ll be reinstated faster, and you can get back to business. READ MORE

Review Solicitation Messaging Compliance

Make sure your post-order messaging to buyers is TOS compliant. I’ll review the messages you send asking buyers to leave reviews for your products. READ MORE

Appeal Escalation

Have you submitted a viable Plan of Action, but keep getting the same responses from Amazon? You may need to escalate. Escalation is your last shot, so it’s vital that this is handled by an expert. READ MORE

IP Infringements

Valid or not, if you’ve received a notice claim of infringement, you need to take action. Handling the Amazon side is just as important as handling the legal side.  CONTACT US

ASIN Reinstatement

Blocked listings can eat into your profits, and they’re often a sign of an impending suspension. Don’t let them pile up. Take action and respond the way Amazon wants you to. READ MORE

Account Assessment

Where do you need to improve to remain the kind of seller Amazon wants? We’ll take a deep dive into your account, and give you a detailed plan of what you need to do (and what to stop doing). READ MORE

Amazon Training

Do you know what you should be looking at to protect your account? Or the right way to communicate with Amazon’s teams? Let us show you or your employees how. READ MORE

POA Appeal Review

I want to make sure you have the best chance at reinstatement, whether you wrote your appeal, or someone you hired did. Send me your Amazon POA, then I will provide feedback. READ MORE

Hijacker/ Competitor and Review Abuse Defense

Is your account  hijacker and complaint proof? More sellers means more anti-competitive behavior. We’ll show you how to protect your account (and brand) from bad actors. READ MORE

Account Hacked or Compromized

If Amazon suspends you for poor account security and repeat account compromises, you need a POA drafted by someone who understands what Seller Performance needs you to do to fix it. We diagnose the causes of the compromise and remedy your account access on appeal. READ MORE