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Amazon Seller Suspension Appeal

Amazon often only gives vague reasons for why they’ve suspended your account. Account health services can help, but are inconsistent, and sometimes give bad or contradictory advice.

Because of that, you may be struggling with appeals and long lists of files to find the best way to get your account back. You just want to be able to keep selling your products.

Amazon suspended my seller account, how do I get it reinstated?

Our founder, Chris Mccabe, previously worked in Amazon’s performance and policy enforcement teams, and has specific recommendations for communicating with Amazon, which has its own system for processing and relaying information.

In order to appeal your suspension and get your account reinstated, Amazon will require you to submit a plan of action (POA) in your seller central account via the appeals portal. It’s very important to write a POA that is clear, concise and addresses the root causes of your suspension. Poorly written POAs have a very low chance of success.

Plan of Action Recommendations:

  1. First you must thoroughly investigate all issues that have lead to your suspension. This step is crucial as some sellers can be blocked for multiple different violations. Correctly identifying some but not all type of violations that lead to your suspension can lead to your appeal to be rejected.
  2. Start your POA with a short, paragraph-long introduction. In this section, you should show you recognized what you did wrong, and explain how you solved each problem. Amazon is looking to see that you rectified the source of the issue so the problem won’t reoccur.
  3. Use a practical and direct tone throughout the appeal- emotional or accusatory appeals get ignored. The Amazon rep reviewing your appeal is very time constrained- do not give them a reason to ignore your appeal by complaining about the process, your lost revenue or anything else (i.e. they internally notate such appeals as “Non-viable”). Instead, convince them you’ve successfully identified the policy violations that let to your suspension, their underlying cause, and have resolved the issue permanently.
  4. When possible, use bullets and numbers instead of long paragraphs. Other than the introduction and conclusion sections, the rest of your appeal should be bulleted. Seller performance reps have little time to review each appeal, and making it easier for them to read it will increase your chance of success.
  5. Every issue listed in the root cause section should have ASIN examples in the second and third sections of you POA. It’s not necessary to mention every ASIN that was listed in your suspension- but Amazon wants to see that you have a plan to fix the core issues in your suspension with examples.
  6. Keep your appeal short and to the point. In our experience, most appeals should be between 1-2 pages.
Chris Mccabe – Amazon policy consultant



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Chris and the rest of our team of former Amazon employees have combined experience of 20 years of working for Amazon. Our knowledge of Amazon’s internal policy teams and function is unequalled by any other Amazon consulting service. For more information about us click here.






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