If Amazon blocks your listings or suspends your account,
the best thing you can do is stay calm and use a proven
method to write your appeal.

What Broke?

What caused the failures that led Amazon to suspend you? You need to understand this in order to tackle the detailed solutions necessary to get your listings back from Amazon.

Facts Matter

Stick to the facts of the matter. Don’t waste precious space venting your anger, telling Amazon how much you love them, or talking about unrelated metrics.

The House Always Wins

Blaming Amazon or their buyers won’t get you anywhere. Accept responsibility for what happened and for making sure it never happens again.

Too long, didn’t read

The investigator has to get through many appeals in an hour. For best results keep your appeal on point, easy to read and under a page.


Chris McCabe knows Amazon from the inside out. After several years at Amazon evaluating seller performance, he now shows his clients how to think like Amazon. His insider knowledge helps sellers to protect their accounts.

Claim your sneak peak of a former Amazonian’s proven method for crafting successful Amazon appeals. Chris McCabe is giving you his insider secrets on communicating with Amazon.

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I spent years working for Amazon, evaluating seller account performance. Now I use those skills to help sellers like you work with Amazon. I teach my clients to think like Amazon, so you can navigate Amazon’s processes and find the right solutions to save and protect your seller accounts.