Amazon suspended your Brand’s SELLER account?

We can HELP YOU get it back

You need an expert to help you handle your Amazon account reinstatement.

We used to work on Amazon’s Policy and Performance Team, so we know exactly what they’re looking for.

Amazon often only gives vague reasons for why they’ve suspended brand’s your account. Account health services can help, but are inconsistent, and sometimes give bad or contradictory advice.

Because of that, you may be struggling with appeals and long lists of files to find the best way to get your account back. You just want to be able to keep selling your products.

That’s why we’re here! To help you get your brand’s Amazon seller account reinstated.

We use a proven method for crafting successful Amazon Appeals.

Doing it right the first time means you’ll get reinstated faster, and you can get back to business.

Why Hire Us?

We’ve been consulting to Amazon sellers since 2014.


Our team has over 14 years of experience working inside Amazon’s policy and performance teams. 

We know what Amazon wants from sellers because we used to assess sellers for Amazon. 

We know how their teams work because we worked on those teams. We know their processes.

We know what to do to get the best response.

We'll handle your appeal

Our full project Reinstatement Rates that include all appeals and escalations through to reinstatement:

$4000 Standard- work begins within 3 business days

$5000 Priority- work begins within 24 hours

$6000 Immediate- work begins within 2-3 hours

Planning to manage your own appeals process? Need an hour of expert advice as you do it?