So Amazon suspended you. What do you do now to get your Amazon account reinstated?

Rule #1 – Don’t Panic!

There’s an Appeal button to give you voice to your distress.  Don’t burn up your first chance to get your Amazon account reinstated! Don’t press the Panic Button.  You’ll thank me later.

What broke?

You may need some help composing a list of potential causes, but this is what needs to happen next. Until you know what caused the failures that led Amazon to suspend you, you’ll never tackle the detailed solutions necessary to resolve those problems and get your Amazon account reinstated.

  • Are the fixes you need to put into place ready yet?
  • Are you confused over the nature of the causes or the reasons why Amazon considered you bad for buyer experience?

You need to have convincing answers to these questions before you even think about writing up a Plan of Action. Diagnosis and strategy in relation to your potential operational deficiencies forms a big part of how we approach account reinstatement work.

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How are you going to fix the problems?

Once you nail down root causes, let’s talk solutions.

Do you know what your capabilities are?

You cannot make promises that you won’t keep.

Identify not only what you think Amazon wants to hear, but also what you can accomplish during your time offline.

This might be the key to getting reinstated faster but also staying active and avoiding yet another suspension down the road.

Determine what the best solutions are and fold them into your Plan of Action accordingly.

Are you getting good responses back from Amazon?

Once you have your causes and Plan of Action ready to go, are you getting good responses back from Amazon?

Are they spinning you in circles asking for something new each time, or asking you for the same thing each time?

Amazon may not have adequately read and assessed your POA. You may need to break through the logjam and communicate along different channels.

An improved POA with different emphasis may be what you need, or improved writing and presentation of the same ideas you already decided upon. Either way, to get your Amazon account reinstated, you’ll need a stronger POA.

Still stuck and unsure what to do next?

Perhaps even with a well-honed and revised or modified POA, you remain suspended and see no signs that Amazon teams are reviewing anything you’ve sent.

You need to escalate.

Start a dialogue with Jeff B and his teams, and get ready to submit a Bezos Escalation. What are they and how can you be sure it’s a good one, if this is your last best chance?

Get the exact strategy Chris uses to craft Amazon appeals.

Have a former Amazonian handle your appeal for you.

You need an expert to help you handle your Amazon account reinstatement.

We examined them from the inside and now write them on the outside, with over 14 years of experience total.