Create a sustainable Amazon business and stop worrying about policy warnings or suspension.

The world’s first class that teaches Amazon Sellers how to navigate policy and communicate with Amazon.

You’ve spent a lot of time and money on your Amazon seller account.

But, have you invested in making your account sustainable?

We’ll show you the right way to set up your business, saving you time and frustration. Once you’re running your business the Amazon way, you don’t need to worry about losing your account.

You’re playing in Amazon’s territory

Amazon is always changing things, always charging you more. Always making it harder.

You have to follow their rules or risk the penalty. If you are spending all your time focused on sales, you’re not protecting your account. You’re building an Amazon sandcastle, easily washed away by blocked listings and suspension.

savE yourself time and frustration. Once you’re set up correctly, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. You no longer need to worry about losing your account.

This is not for fly by night sellers, looking for a quick cash grab.

what this course is all about.

It’s time to build a solid foundation for your business.

Turn your Amazon account into a sustainable business that works for you.

How to

communicate with Amazon effectively.

How To

identify problem areas in your business.

How to

turn your Amazon account into a sustainable business that works for you

How to

manage your business so you’re not going from problem to problem.

Developed and taught by former Amazonian and seller performance specialist

Chris McCabe

Many sellers have already hired me to conduct my own version of an Amazon account review and came away happy that we left no stone uncovered. Sellers need to feel safe in the knowledge that they’ve hit all the right notes to keep themselves active. We now have an easy means of moving my approach online so you can protect your account. It’s ten years of my Amazon experience at your fingertips.

 Your investment in your Amazon business

You can’t beat Amazon, so why bother?
You beat them by playing the game their way, and playing it well.  That’s how you win the buy box and it’s the best way to maintain your business. Amazon doesn’t want to send you warnings, nor read your Plans of Action. Your customers don’t want to complain or return items. They want to get what they paid for and Amazon wants this, too. Amazon wants you to be a good seller, so their customers are happy. Period.
Does this guarantee I won’t have to deal with a suspension?
We’re going to show you how to correct your mistakes, effectively appeal and prove to Amazon that you deserve to sell on their platform while minimizing the odds of having to appeal on an account-level. And if you do have to compose other appeals in the future, it will be easy to understand how to approach it.
Can’t I just look on Seller Help or in Facebook groups?
Seller forums are full of conflicting information. In fact, I regularly see sellers get suspended after following advice from forums or even Seller Support. Amazon doesn’t care that you got bad advice. The responsibility is on you to know and understand policy.