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We help Amazon Sellers protect (and save!) their Amazon business. 

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This is the definitive podcast for Amazon Sellers that covers performance and policy teams from the perspective of a former Seller Performance team member, and former Amazon employee Chris McCabe.

Leah McHugh nails down analysis of listing compliance violations and presents viable solutions to troubleshoot product takedowns.

We help Amazon sellers better understand the inner workings of the team I worked on at Amazon, and cope with account and listing suspensions.

We answer questions like:

How does Seller Performance investigate a seller before taking them down? What do they need to see in an appeal, to reactivate the account for future selling? What are common mistakes that sellers make trying to get reinstated on Amazon?

Leah McHugh

Leah McHugh


Chris McCabe

Chris McCabe


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End of Year Strategic Planning

Season 1, Episode 40 End of Year Strategic Planning Most sellers have come to understand that monitoring metrics and keeping your account healthy is a mandatory starting point when it comes to selling on Amazon, but due to the chaotic holiday season it is not uncommon...

Related Account Suspensions

Season 1, Episode 39 Related Account Suspensions We've seen a ton of related account suspensions this year! Otherwise unproblematic accounts have been shut down over a slight relation to a suspended account. In this episode Chris & Leah discuss the different...

Black Hat Attacks in Q4

Season 1, Episode 38 Black Hat Attacks in Q4 Sabotage is running wild on Amazon, especially during Q4. In this episode Chris McCabe & Leah McHugh discuss different types of black hat attacks and how to prepare yourself before it's too late. Show Notes[00:00:07]...

Brand Registry Issues

Season 1, Episode 37 Brand Registry Issues If you’re a brand owner selling on Amazon then you know that protecting your brand can be a full-time job. In this Episode Chris McCabe & Leah McHugh discuss the complexity of brand registry and the challenges it can...

Amazon Advertising with Destaney Wishon

Season 1, Episode 36 Amazon Advertising with Destaney Wishon Advertising in the Amazon space is more important than ever as it is one of the most fundamental ways to drive white hat traffic to your page. In this Podcast we talk with Destaney Wishon of BetterAMS about...

Q4 Quick Wins with Norm Farrar

Season 1, Episode 35 Q4 Quick Wins with Norm Farrar We all know Q4 is a crazy time of year. It's difficult to decide where to hone in and devote your attention, money or time. In this Episode we speak with Norm Farrar of Private Label Legion about the advantageous...

Amazon’s New Appeal Forms

Season 1, Episode 33 Amazon's New Appeal Forms Amazon has been "simplifying" the appeal process for some policy violations, in order to lighten the caseload for their investigators. Chris and Leah discuss this change, and what sellers need to know before you submit...

Building Your Brand Off of Amazon with Drew Himel

Season 1, Episode 33 Building Your Brand Off of Amazon with Drew Himel Marketing your brand off of Amazon, not only grows your brand, it can also grow your Amazon account. We talk to Drew Himel from Consult PCR about best practices for communicating with your...

Simplifying International Freight with Rael Lowethal from Zee

Season 1, Episode 32 Simplifying International Freight with Rael Lowethal from Zee International logistics can be complicated at the best of times. Add global supply chain disruptions and an increased demand for ecommerce, and you're likely facing delayed shipments...

Managing Expectations in Q4 on Amazon

Season 1, Episode 31 Managing Expectations in Q4 on Amazon As we swiftly head into the deep end of Q4, we're all getting busier. And Amazon isn't exempt from that. But how should you manage things on your end, as Amazon response times get longer and longer? Leah and...

Get Your Brand Omni-channel Ready with Kunal Chopra

Season 1, Episode 30 Get Your Brand Omni-channel Ready with Kunal Chopra 2020 accelerated the adoption of online shopping by as much as 10 years, but successfully expanding into onmi-channel ecommerce takes a lot more than simply listing your products everywhere. In...

Using the Firehose Of Traffic on Amazon To Grow Your Brand

Season 1, Episode 28 Using the Firehose Of Traffic on Amazon To Grow Your Brand with Jason Boyce Optimize everything, relentlessly. The everything store has the shoppers, but it also puts your product next to EVERYTHING. Without a strong brand strategy, it’s easy to...

Driving over $500 million in sales with video- with Theron Harmon

What do ClickFunnels, Purple Mattresses, Squatty Potty and Poo-Pouri have in common? Viral videos by the Harmon Brothers! With over 1.4 BILLION views, Harmon Brothers are masters at creating great marketing videos. Chris speaks to Theron Harmon about the process they use to create entertaining and informative ads that brand and sell.

Advertising Best Practices for Growing Brands

Season 1, Episode 26 Advertising Best Practices for Growing Brands Andrew Waber of Teikametrics joins us to discuss the best practices for advertising your growing brand. We discuss the importance behind key word use and having a solid campaign structure ready to go...

Preventing Returns and Negative Feedback with Sajag Agarwal

Season 1, Episode 25 Preventing Returns and Negative Feedback with Sajag AgarwalThe quality control process can be a black hole. Even with inspections, issues can easily slip through the cracks. We talk to Sajag Agarwal about how to create a quality control process...

Efficiently Growing Your Business with Carlos Alvarez

Season 1, Episode 24 Efficiently Growing Your Business with Carlos AlvarezA lot of Amazon sellers tell us it's all they can do to keep their heads above water. As soon as one problem is resolved, another one pops up. Sound familiar? There are so many things that can...

Listings that sell, and are TOS Compliant

Season 1, Episode 23 Listings that sell, and are TOS CompliantEmma Schermer Tamir, a listing optimization expert, joins us to discuss tips and advice for Amazon Seller's navigating the Amazon space. It can be very easy to pay attention and follow suit of what your...

Variation Warnings

In our experience the ASIN variation policy is one of the least understood areas by Amazon sellers. Unfortunately, the way Amazon words their policy warning ASIN Variation Misuse, leads a lot of sellers to believe that no action is required by them. We discuss the steps that sellers should take to protect their listings and account.

Fake Documentation

We’ve seen it all on Amazon, from fake reviews to faking brand approvals. Recently we’re spotting more sellers using third-party services to provide fake documentation, not realizing that they are committing fraud. Ultimately, Amazon will hold you the Seller responsible for the conduct on your account, regardless of whether it was you or someone faking the documents on your behalf.

No Money, No Products

If you’re flagged for an authenticity investigation and aren’t able to get documentation deemed acceptable by Amazon, you’ll likely find yourself unable to get your inventory out of FBA OR get your funds disbursed. This leaves you stuck, with no product, no cash, and Amazon threatening to dispose of your inventory. Then what?

Category Listing Report

Category Listing Reports are one of the more useful tools available to sellers, and most don’t know what it is! We use these reports to vet cases, identify abuse, all the way through to strengthening plans of action. Sellers should be using these to protect their accounts. BONUS: they can simplify your listing management.

Fool Me Once

Dealing with an account suspension is difficult for most sellers. Even more difficult is getting suspended for the same reason twice. Amazon only gives you so many changes, and that second reinstatement is hard to achieve. How do you prove to Amazon that you’ve REALLY implemented a plan of action to prevent future issues when you already failed to follow through on your previous appeal?

Amazon’s Preferred Payment Provider Program

Working capital issues can shut down your business. As we see the costs of selling on Amazon increase and the speed at which Amazon disburses your funds decrease, it’s more important than ever to have additional funds available. Often the times you need funds the most are the times that you have the least access to them. Plan ahead to make sure your business can stay afloat in an emergency.


We discuss the District of Columbia filing for an anti-trust based lawsuit against Amazon and why we think seller’s aren’t necessarily talking about this. Chris and Leah share what they find the most interesting about this on going case and whether it will spark a reaction in which other state’s follow in the District of Columbia’s footsteps.

Amazon doesn’t want to have a conversation with you

Many sellers confuse the appeal button with an ongoing email thread between them and Amazon. We go over the correct steps during the appeal process so sellers don’t waste attempts and can solve their issue quicker.

Are you dropshipping the wrong way?

Dropshipping is a common business model used among sellers. We go over the best way to use dropshipping as a selling method on Amazon and what to avoid to ensure your account doesn’t become at risk.

Stop Making Excuses

New sellers on Amazon tend to use their newness as an excuse for issues they run into with their account or in hopes of earning some sort of leniency from Amazon. We discuss the correct approach new sellers should be taking rather than using excuses and essentially admitting to being too new to fully understand the correct plan of action in order to reinstate their account and listings.

Abuse Reporting

More and more of the cases we’re working on are due to abuse- where another seller is attacking the account. In these cases, just fixing the listings, or responding with a POA isn’t enough. You need to report the abuse, to hopefully get Amazon to put an end to it (or at least create a paper trail for the next time it happens).


The hot new thing in the Amazon space is Aggregators. About 55, venture-backed aggregators have popped into the Amazon space, looking to buy up Seller accounts. We’re huge advocates of doing your due diligence, and in this episode we’re talking about why that’s so important on both sides of buying and selling Amazon Seller Accounts

Studying Amazon Sellers

Moira Weigel, Faculty Associate at the Berkman Klein Center/ Harvard Law School and Harvard Data and Society researcher, joined us for a far-reaching discussion of technology’s impact on behavior, and in our case, how Amazon’s expanding influence is taking over the lives of so many business owners, globally. She’s looking to talk to sellers about their Amazon experiences, both with their competitors and with Amazon itself. That may mean you! We discussed her writing project in-depth and the various kinds of seller situations she’s already pored over in the course of her work. She’s covering a lot of ground, as we discovered, in this conversation. Looking forward to having her back!

Who is working on your account?

Season 1, Episode 9 Who is working on your account? In this episode, Leah and I cover one of the more worrisome trends in the consulting space. Using the concept of “White labeling” services, a company contracts out the work that you’ve just hired them for, without...

Troubleshooting GTIN Issues

We’ve been fielding UPC questions from Sellers ever since Amazon changed their GTIN policy in 2016. What do you do if Amazon tells you your GTIN has already been used? How do you add a GS1 GTIN to an old listing? What if Amazon won’t recognize your prefix as matching your brand? We spoke to Michelle Covey of GS1 US to get the best troubleshooting steps for these common issues.

What is “Suspected” IP Infringement?

ASINs are getting suspended left and right for “potential” (read: often imaginary) Intellectual property infringement violations, and sellers are searching for answers. You need strategies to defend yourself against this automation and human error combo! Opening cases with Support or sending emails to Seller Performance won’t get you anywhere, unless you enjoy copy and paste generic “responses.” Every kind of seller, both private label and resellers, need to learn up on these to resolve appeals properly. Mistakes cost time, energy, effort, and make you frustrated! We discuss all manner of cases and reinforce the methods for identifying true fixes for this.

Why You Need Liability Insurance

Product liability insurance isn’t just something to think about, or a ”nice to have” if you’re a private label brand owner on Amazon. You need to have it! We spoke with Matt Lovell of WELL Insurance in this episode to go through the main questions and confusion he sees from Amazon sellers pushed to provide copies of their liability coverage by certain dates. Final reminders were recently sent, too, and most dates suggested deadlines in the near future if not already passed. Matt spoke with us about every seller’s best practices and what their next steps should be.

Product Compliance

Season 1, Episode 5 Product ComplianceAmazon finally put measures into place in the past several months and executed the kinds of things you’d expect them to, in order to sure a safe buyer experience. Leah and I have worked on numerous cases with sellers who didn’t...

Account Health Services vs. Seller Performance

In this episode, Leah and I cover the key differences between Amazon’s “Account Health Services” team and the “Seller Performance” team. They may sound like they’d cover the same ground, but if your account or listings get suspended, you quickly understand that they are far from the same thing. We dig into what these teams are there for, who staffs them, and how their work influences (and sometimes undermines) the reinstatement appeal process. We also cover how much you can trust the information they provide, and how to know if it’s accurate.

Why are Sellers Still Committing Review Abuse?

Amazon takes more enforcement actions these days to prevent fake reviews because they face external pressure to do so. In this episode, Leah and I walk through the sources of those policy suspensions, and why we believe sellers think they can get use giveaways, rebates, and other incentives to “game the system.” Old shortcuts to success may be mentioned in groups, classes or videos, but they have a big cost.

Used Sold As New Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means

We receive nearly daily reports from Amazon sellers who have been hit with a listing suspension due to “Used Sold as New” complaints from their buyers. In this episode we delve into the main seller confusion around what Amazon really means by “used sold as new”. Amazon’s misleading jargon often sends sellers down the wrong appeals path.

Seller Psychology: Amazon Teams are Inconsistent

Amazon is inconsistent in its enforcement of policies. Looking at other sellers’ behavior isn’t an accurate measure of what’s allowed, or what isn’t. Seller mindset is an important factor in what determines whether an account is successful, or gets into trouble for unknowingly breaking the rules. We discuss what you need to do to cultivate a winning seller’s mindset.