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Johnson Legal

Lance Johnson has over 30 years of experience handling a wide array of matters and issues involving intellectual property.

He is related to an Amazon seller and has represented sellers in a wide variety of IP matters involving Amazon complaints and arbitration. He has also represented Amazon sellers in litigation seeking redress for defamatory allegations of counterfeit sales.

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Getida is the global leader in Amazon FBA auditing and reimbursement solutions. An authorized member of the Selling Partner Appstore and Amazon Emerald Program, Getida helps sellers reimagine FBA reimbursements as a strategy for growth.

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hellotax offers online VAT Registration & VAT Filings to reduce your workload.

Stay tax compliant within Europe and start monitoring your thresholds with our free tool today.

Vaughn Law

Vaughn Law Group

The Vaughn Law Group assists e-commerce sellers with all aspects of their businesses: resolving intellectual property complaints, negotiating contracts, developing compliance policies and resolving disputes with distributors.

They have conducted internal investigations for top e-commerce companies and represented sellers involved in some of the highest-profile and most complex cases of fraud on the Amazon platform.

Casey Hewitt started the Vaughn Law Group after working several years at a prominent Wall Street law firm. She also worked in intellectual property enforcement for Burberry LTD.

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Don’t let international borders stop you from growing. Say hello to the global marketplace with Zee, your customs compliance & logistics partner. They handle the complications of compliance, international logistics, taxes, and act as your Importer of Record, so you can focus on growing your e-commerce business.
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SellersFi, formerly SellersFunding, is a global financial technology company that aims to empower e-commerce merchants looking to grow.

As e-commerce evolves, SellersFi will drive the fintech innovations that allow sellers and brands to worry less about funding and finance and to focus more on growth and achieving their business goals. From inventory and marketing to product launches, international expansion, and more, thousands of e-commerce sellers trust SellersFi to achieve limitless success.