Happy Customers!

Chris is a Seller Labs favorite, and a recommendation to our clients if they find themselves down the Amazon account suspension path.

Here’s to hoping that you’ve had the opportunity to learn from him. Chris is a former Amazonian who specializes in reinstating and protecting Amazon seller accounts.

I'm pleased to say that when things get ugly and you need an expert for escalating issues within Amazon, Chris is our guy!

Chris and his team at ecommerceChris demonstrated their expertise in helping us resolve an expensive Amazon operational glitch that was hurting our client.

Chris is the ‘real-deal’ and can advise and potentially fix most issues.

Absolutely, I would recommend ecommerceChris to anyone. I’ve used Chris twice and both times have resulted in successful resolution.

Scott B.

Professional, efficient, thorough!

ecommerceChris understands your problem and they know what they are doing. The communication was very easy.


He will get the job done, period. If he does not have the answers, he will connect you to someone that can help you.

Great follow up, checking in almost every other day, taking the time to talk to you on the phone, service is exceptional and his knowledge is the best in the business in dealing with compliance/suspension related issues.


When something goes wrong, and Amazon want answers, Chris knows what to say and how to say it to keep you account safe.

Having worked in seller performance, he is uniquely qualified to assist sellers. In an ideal world, this wouldn’t be needed – Amazon would be more helpful and communicate their concerns clearly. However, in the real world Chris is offering a vital service to help companies like perserve their livelyhoods.

Anthony J.

Chris very informed on Amazon’s policy’s and procedures and knows what Amazon Seller Performance is looking for when submitting appeals

Chris was successful with his understanding of the problem and had the correct solution to fix the problem. Very prompt with responses via email.


Chris is very pragmatic in his approach and provides step-by-step simple instructions on how to deal with Amazon.

I had run into some issues selling on Amazon and as a result, Amazon suspended my selling privileges. Following my suspension, I tried in vain in getting my selling privileges restated however, I was not successful.

Chris provided me an hours consultancy which was enough to get my business restated, which was a FANTASTIC outcome.

Would I recommend ecommerceChris? Absolutely, yes. Chris is a very helpful and charming person and making money is not his main priority!

Rita C.

Thanks so much for your help. I’m not sure where we would be without you.

If we were not able to work this out, there was a good chance that we both would have lost our houses. I know you’ve worked a lot harder on this one than you have with some of your other clients- and we really appreciate you sticking with us through this difficult time.

H. Rose

Don’t waste any time, hire Chris and his team!

Being an Amazon seller for 6 years, we’ve gone through our fair share of listings going down and worked with quite a few different service providers. We thought a similar Plan of Action would get us back. After 2 failed appeals and 16 days of lost revenue, we contacted Chris as our last hope. Within days, we were back online. If you’re reading this and on the fence, don’t be; you’re in good hands.

Vinay A.

Thank you so much.

I talked to another suspension help lady before I talked to you. You are way more knowledgeable. I am glad I found you.

Emma Y

Amazon shut down my account suddenly without giving a reason.

After no response for two months and trying every avenue, I luckily came across Chris McCabe in the comments section of an Amazon Facebook group. I took a chance and messaged him purely based on his commentary not knowing his exact background. Thank God I did because within just one hour consultation call – which is approximately 70% less than what others charge for a basic appeal – he was able to point me to the exact solution that got my account reinstated in under 24 hours and ended the harrowing ordeal. It pays to know the right people who truly know their stuff and Chris McCabe is the RIGHT person for Amazon issues.

Nida K.

Chris and his team helped me get one of my most valuable listings back online, after I received a final rejection letter stating Amazon would no longer look at nor respond to my future POA’s.

I am quite experienced dealing with Amazon, and I typically have great success getting things back online myself. When I fail however, Chris is the magician I call in for help. No matter what your level of seller, I guarantee you Chris has a more intimate knowledge of this process than anyone else in the industry, and he gets results plain and simple. POA’s 7 times, with the help of several internal amazon employees, and kept getting the same nightmarish, cookie cutter response from Amazon.

We got the same response 7 times!!!

After thinking we’d never get our account back online, we contacted Chris, he reached out to the right people, and on his first attempt our account was reinstated.

Money very well spent!

John H.

The day I got the suspension notice from Amazon, I called up a friend who recommended Chris over another service.

I connected with Chris and he responded within the same day and offered a step by step plan on what I needed to do. I’m a fairly big seller in my category with a few best ranking products and I needed to move fast and realized the impact of a prolonged suspension. Chris agreed to take on my case and his team reviewed all my listings and revised my POA appeal response. I submitted the revised POA and within less than 6 hours my account was reinstated. Amazing! Chris and his team responded professionally, quickly and with strong attention to detail on my account. This is what I needed to ensure a positive outcome. The fast results minimized the impact to my account. Without a doubt, I would highly recommend Chris services again.

Long W.

I don’t know which magic strings Chris pulls, but we literally tried everything on our own, and somehow he was able to get it first try.

I hope to never need Chris again, but in the tragic event of another suspension, he will be the first guy I call.

Our account was suspended for photo violations on one of our least popular, and most hidden ASINs. Frustrating!

We did countless hours of research, and wrote some very well thought out POA’s on our own.

We submitted different POA’s 7 times, with the help of several internal amazon employees, and kept getting the same nightmarish, cookie cutter response from Amazon.

We got the same response 7 times!!!

After thinking we’d never get our account back online, we contacted Chris, he reached out to the right people, and on his first attempt our account was reinstated.

Money very well spent!

John H.

Thank you so much, I got reinstated, you saved my life!

Thank you from the depth of my heart !!! There are no words to express my gratitude!

Kristina U.

I contacted Chris when my Amazon account got suspended for a second time!

Chris was very professional & responsive and kept me updated throughout. In my case he had to submit 2 separate POA’s until they were able to reinstate me. I was able to tell that alot of thought & time went into the POA, they were very clear & detailed. I don’t think I could have done it with out Chris! I Highly recommend!

Shragi L.

Chris was and continues to be essential to our business and livelihood.

Our Amazon account was suspended in part due to another seller sabotaging our account.

Chris was instrumental in investigating the true cause of the suspension and navigating us through the channels of the suspension/appeal process.

Not only was our account suspended, but we were ‘final worded’ by Amazon – a situation very hard to bounce back from.

Chris was even able to overcome that and lead us to an eventual reinstatement.

Teri S.

The truth is there are many options today to appeal reinstatement but going with Chris means you won’t waste any time on trial and error.

And remember every day down cost most of us hundreds if not thousands of dollars in lost sales. Thanks Chris for being there for me.

Getting suspended when 85% of your income is from Amazon is one of the most sobering business related events that can happen to a person.

I was doing my best trying to comply with all of Amazon’s guidelines when suddenly, without warning, I got that message that my selling privileges have been suspended. At that point, a decision was made to find someone who knows Jeff Bezos phone number and pay him 50k to get us back up in five minutes.

However since that does not exist the next best option was Chris McCabe.

We got an appointment right away and he got to work for us immediately. Knowing exactly what seller performance wanted to see in the POA he wrote it up and sent it to me for review.

In under 4 days we received notification congratulating us that our account had been reinstated.

Jay W.

The wrong person/company handling your Amazon suspension can do more damage than good.

We were grateful to find Chris after 7 excruciating days of being suspended, along with several days of failed ‘Plan of Action’ attempts guided by a couple of so called  “Amazon suspension consultants” that we had previously hired.


Our lesson learned was to hire the right person from the start.  We highly recommend Chris- he is the right person for the job.

Simply reading about his knowledge and inner works at Amazon, gave us hope.

We requested a 1 hour consultation with Chris. This sealed the deal and confirmed our confidence in him to guide us forward and get our Amazon account reinstated.

After what seemed an eternity previous to Chris, we were now feeling more and more confident. Come Monday we submitted Chris’s professional POA to Amazon and shortly after, we got our selling privileges reinstated.

We were very happy to say the least.  Chris’s methodical and detailed approach to helping us specifically address the problems with our account was paramount to drafting a proper POA and getting our account reinstated.

Chris will continue to be our go to man for consulting about Amazon policies, and to help with taking preventive measures to avoid suspension.  Thank You Chris.

Eddie & Nadya